The Secret to my Success … and more from Khristian Alexander, Mrs. Michigan United States 2012

Is it simply the thrill of competition that drives a woman to enter a pageant or is there something bigger leading the way?  Khristian Alexander, Mrs. Michigan United States ® 2012, answers that question for us here and offers insights and advice for her soon to be crowned successor.


How did you come to the decision to enter?

Someone saw the potential in my life and took me to my first Mrs. Michigan United States Pageant®. I sat in the audience and listened to all of the accomplishments of the delegates on stage and was very impressed. The totality of the beauty, glamour, diversity, courage, and accomplishments was a sight to behold. Looking at my life, I too had many accomplishments that I wanted to be able to showcase and share with everyone. I challenged myself to go through the experience and journey to see what would come of it. I have not looked back since!

Most memorable moment?

Attending the Mother 2 Mother, “An Evening of Hope” event at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.


I had the opportunity to personally meet Whitney Houston’s mother, Dr. Cissy Houston, Shaq’s mother, Magic Johnson’s mother – Christine Johnson, Ms. Diana and Glenda Lewis from Channel 7 Actions news, and a host of other inspirational dignitaries. I truly enjoyed hearing from them, and was very humbled and honored as they also wanted to hear from me as a “Beauty Queen;” my experiences as a mother, wife, and how I was making an impact in the community too. The quality time that evening, listening to stories and sound advice in a room full of experience and wisdom was priceless.

How has being Mrs. Michigan United States enhanced your life?

This experience has surely increased my self-confidence. I have grown both personally and professionally, and I have developed new friendships and relationships that have enhanced my life beyond measure.

What will you take forward as your best lesson?

Be ready and prepared at all times! Take your sash with you wherever you go!!! You can get called upon at any moment to speak at an event, take a picture in public, or sign an autograph!


Any “Words of Wisdom” for the soon to be crowned Mrs. Michigan United States ® 2013? 

While getting called on to make appearances is exciting… do not feel obligated to take on each request… Choose and select wisely those engagements that will benefit you and others… but remember to still balance your engagements with your family responsibilities and other activities so that you don’t over commitment and overwhelm yourself. Take lots of pictures and video if you are able to. Enjoy every moment, every opportunity, each day. Your reign will go by faster than you think!

Your secret to success is… ?                         

While each person has their own definition of success to their life, my success is due to my foundation of faith. Knowing what I possess on the inside of me drives me to do all that I can do to share what I have with others.  Having a compassionate heart and the willingness to serve others and put them before you are characteristics of a true successful leader!


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