Jennifer McMahan….Introducing Mrs. Michigan United States 2013

Hello everyone!

My name is Jennifer McMahan. I currently reside in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Jeremy and I will be celebrating 12 years of wonderful marriage on June 30th and we have 2 beautiful children; Madison 13 and Triston, 8.

Triston, Jennifer, Jeremy, & Madison

Triston, Jennifer, Jeremy, & Madison

I chose to enter the Mrs. Michigan United States Pageant® after returning from a very refreshing spring break vacation.  I felt ready for the challenge I knew it would be. The two days of competition were so much fun as was meeting the other women and getting to know their backgrounds. They are such talented and accomplished women, and it was an honor to compete with them.

I was very nervous going into interview but afterwards felt pretty confident with my answers. That night it was hard to sleep because I was so excited for the next day of competition.

Then that amazing moment came and I heard my name called by Mrs. Michigan United States® 2011, Annette Kelly. My entire body trembled with excitement. I couldn’t believe it.  This is one of the highest honors a married woman can earn in Pageantry and it is truly a moment I’ll never forget. I am on cloud nine right now. This competition by far has been the most amazing experience for my family and myself.


Mrs. Michigan United States 2013 Jennifer McMahan

Mrs. Michigan United States 2013 Jennifer McMahan

Going to Las Vegas this July to compete for Mrs. United States is going to be the experience of a lifetime. I am filled with excitement and determination. Meeting all the other contestants, making new lifelong friends, and just enjoying the beautiful surroundings will be unforgettable.

I could not have done this without the support of my loving husband, children and family. They are my rock.

I’m very excited to be working with the amazing Stephanie Hunt as my Director. We are going to have a great year!

This is going to be an incredible year. I’m incredibly honored to represent all the married women of Michigan.

Thank you,


Mrs. Michigan United States 2013 ® Jennifer McMahan

About Mrs. Michigan United States

The Mrs. Michigan United States Pageant
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2 Responses to Jennifer McMahan….Introducing Mrs. Michigan United States 2013

  1. Jackie Green says:

    I love following this blog and the Mrs United States system! I am currently the national Miss Captivating and I hope to follow in your incredible footsteps someday at Mrs United States.
    Keep up the amazing work and appearances, good luck in Vegas!!! =)

  2. Jack Monday says:

    You are an amazing woman an
    Your status is well deserved ,I’m confident
    You will represent all married weman
    Of Michigan with perfection .
    Good luck to you in Vegas an you are
    Mrs .United States with outta doubt
    No worries to you ,your supiorior
    Professionalism an beauty will overwhelm
    All the judges , you have my vote .;)

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