Ryan Kennedy Memorial Playground

After the Clarkston 4th of July Parade I spent time with the Ryan Kennedy Memorial Team at their booth signing autographs and helping them with their fundraising efforts.

The Ryan Kennedy Memorial Playground Team after the 4th of July Parade

The Ryan Kennedy Memorial Playground Team after the 4th of July Parade

“Ryan Kennedy, the Clarkston youngster who brought worldwide attention to juvenile brain cancer, made it to his 10th birthday in May — despite all the odds stacked against him — but passed away two days later.

Thanks to the efforts of kids from Clarkston Area Schools and his adopted teammates from the Oakland University baseball team, his name — in the form of the hashtags #RyanKenndy or #staystrongRyanKennedy — became a trending topic on the social media website Twitter.

His story, which had already united the Clarkston community and beyond, became world-wide news, as well, picked up by outlets such as CNNABC News, the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail,Yahoo! and the New York Daily News, and was translated into at least a half-dozen different languages as it made its way around the world.”

You can read the full article here in the Oakland Press and see additional pics on my Gallery Page.


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