How to Get the Body You Want

How To Get the Body You Want

….and how I get mine.

You’ve got to do the work.  It’s really that simple – along with more calories burned off than consumed.  It’s a simple formula but the holiday season can disrupt our planned menus and our time to actually get enough exercise … but what’s enough?

In this media driven world of “what’s hot and what’s not”, you have to believe that enough is what works for you, what you’re comfortable doing, and how you feel, or how it makes you feel overall.  There is no perfect plan or perfect look or perfect size, in fact, there’s not one opinion that’s more important than your own.  How do you feel about you?  (The answer to this should always be “good,” “great,” and on those spectacular days when you’re really rocking your own look, “I love me.”)

Jennifer McMahan Mrs. Michigan United States 2013

Exercise can be a chore or a joy, and what I’ve found is that what starts as a chore can turn into a joy once you get over the hurdle of actually doing it, feel those good endorphins start to flow, and you realize you’re accomplishing something you thought you never could


My favorite (imagine that!) exercises are:

  • Dead Lifts – these work great for hamstrings, be careful though and protect your back by keeping it straight.
  • Triceps Extensions – to work the backs of your arms.
  • Plank – This Yoga move helps to keep your abs tight and toned.

Jennifer McMahan Mrs. United States 2013 plank yoga move

*All exercise moves should be done under the watchful eye of a professional to avoid injury and make sure that proper technique is used.

I work out in the morning when I have the most energy.  It helps me start and get through my day feeling determined and energized.

I do spot work on my arms because they’ve always been hard for me to keep toned.

My favorite thing to do after a long week of dedicated workouts is to go out to dinner and get whatever I’m craving.  You have to treat yourself … it’s all about moderation.


Secret Tip:  My secret tip is …. Find your own personal motivation booster.  That thing that keeps you going even when you feel too overwhelmed to push for your goal.  Mine is that I know I workout better in a group fitness setting.  I join the classes offered by my gym at Lifetime Fitness.  I love the high-energy music and motivating instructors.

Photo Credits for shots of Jennifer — Brent Taylor

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