Mrs. Michigan United States 2013 …a very fond farewell

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It’s hard to believe that my year as Mrs. Michigan United States ® 2013 is coming to a close. This has been an incredible year for my family and I. We have met so many amazing people throughout the State of Michigan and beyond. I have memories that will last a lifetime and I will cherish them forever.

Nationals in Vegas are definitely one of those memories. Having the opportunity to meet incredible married women from all over the United States was very empowering. They all had a story to share that each one of us could learn from. It was a lot of work the week of Nationals but absolutely worth it! Dancing on stage as a group was my favorite part.

What a blast!

What a blast!

There are many people to thank for making this journey possible. First and foremost I’d like to thank my husband Jeremy for his continued support and positive energy. He always gives me that extra push when I need it. My children have been so very understanding. When I couldn’t come to them, they very often came to me attending appearances with me, and getting involved in the events. As a mother, having them by my side made each experience more joyful and I thank them.

Family meeting with Santa

Family meeting with Santa

My director Stephanie Hunt is one of those women you really admire and learn from, she gave me the gift of her time, and her heart and support. Having the combined team of Stephanie and Mother Mary Hodge behind you is a force to be reckoned with. They listened, they believed in me, and they welcomed me into the Mrs. Michigan United States family… I will remain ever grateful. (And they can really plan a party too.)

I would also like to thank all of my sponsors. They were all so generous and helped me to look and feel my best at every event. Also a huge thank you to Nola Summers for going above and beyond for the Mrs. Michigan United States ® website. Her posts and words of encouragement have been extremely helpful this year. She has quite the sense of humor too.

Having all of these people with me to share the journey of this past year has been a true blessing.

Champions Against Bullying

Going forward I will be continuing my efforts with Champions Against Bullying. Together we can heighten awareness about this epidemic and work to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Jennifer McMahan Mrs. Michigan United States 2013  Photo JSingleton

Jennifer McMahan Mrs. Michigan United States 2013 Photo J Singleton


Being Mrs. Michigan United States ® 2013 is so much more than wearing a sparkly hat and banner. It’s about being a confident force of energy and poise. It’s about gaining the knowledge to truly understand the struggles and issues of others. I have learned a great deal from my events this past year. I’m extremely humbled by this great experience and grateful for my family and our health.

This year has helped me grow so much in all aspects of my life.

Definitely an experience of a lifetime!




Jennifer McMahan

Mrs. Michigan United States ® 2013

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