Mrs. Michigan United States 2013

Mrs. Michigan United States 2013

Mrs. Michigan United States 2013

Jennifer McMahan

Mrs. Michigan United States ® 2013

Jennifer McMahan currently resides in Royal Oak, Michigan. She is married to Jeremy McMahan and has two beautiful children Madison 13 and Triston 8. Jennifer and Jeremy will celebrate 12 years of marriage on June 30, 2013.

She has been acting in commercials and modeling for local magazines and commercials for the past 6 years.

Jennifer has been working with Alex Penn, founder and director of Champions Against Bullying since 2010 helping children cope with and deal with the repercussions of bullying.  With the additional exposure that comes with being Mrs. Michigan United States 2013, Jennifer hopes to gain attention and increase fund raising for them this year.

Champions Against Bullying

Jennifer is also a new Committee Member for Ronald McDonald House of Detroit

Ronald McDonald House Detroit

You may contact Jennifer on her Facebook page

Jennifer McMahan -- photo Dan Lippit

Jennifer McMahan — photo Dan Lippitt

6 Responses to Mrs. Michigan United States 2013

  1. Nationals in Vegas are approaching very quickly! I’m so excited!

  2. I had an amazing shoot with Bill Barnard last week. Stay tuned to see the beautiful pictures from our shoot.

  3. jymcmahan says:

    Thoughts and prayers going out to everyone in Oklahoma.
    Be safe and enjoy the long weekend. I’m heading off to Grand Hotel in Mackinac tomorrow.

  4. jymcmahan says:

    I’m getting very excited for my appearance June 8th at WALK the runway show at the Masonic temple. Showcasing Detroit talent!

  5. Wow what an incredible day at the Arthritis Walk on Saturday! Thank you to all who volunteered and walked.

  6. Arthritis walk tomorrow at the zoo. Let’s do this! Pictures to follow.

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