Mrs. Michigan United States 2012

Mrs. Michigan United States 2012

Khristian Joy Alexander

Mrs. Michigan United States® 2012

It only takes a little spark to start a fire and Khristian Joy Alexander is that spark — igniting passion, creation, and action within young women wherever she travels. As co-founder of Empowering Beautiful Generations (EBG) and an educator at Oak Park Alternative Education Center, she is involved daily in the lives of students who are motivationally, emotionally, and academically challenged. Being committed to making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth, Khristian uses every moment to create an atmosphere that inspires, empowers, and instills self-esteem and that demands the students to take charge of their lives and to perform with excellence every day.

She does not limit the people she reaches. Through her platform Mentoring Others and Developing Equipped Lives (MODEL), Khristian provides an outlet that nurtures creativity, love, integrity, and responsibility among teen girls and women. Life and home skills are taught, gifting and talents are explored, and self-discovery is embraced. She facilitates educational programs about self-esteem, character development, etiquette, and HIV / AIDS Awareness, while helping individuals achieve and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle through workshops in “Business, Brilliance, and Beauty”.

Khristian is also an advocate for the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem and a spokesperson for the Be The Match National Marrow Donor Program.

Khristian received her education from the University of Michigan and Henry Ford Community College with degrees in business administration and accounting. She is also a licensed cosmetologist and graduated from the Douglas J AVEDA Institute as a licensed cosmetologist instructor. Khristian’s passion for helping women with outer beauty and self-esteem and her education in the beauty industry has led her to pursue a career in the fall of 2012 as a practitioner of Trichology.

She is an active volunteer for many organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club of America, Brightmoor Community Alliance, Genesis New Beginnings Community Center, and Covenant Foursquare Royal Oak Church to name a few. In her spare time, Khristian enjoys the performing arts, reading, and watching movies.

Mrs. Michigan United States 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander

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